Performance Dates & Times  

***Below are the performance times for all semester classes. Each class performs one time. Please search below for your child’s class. (note: some locations have more than one class so look for your school/day of the week) Please pay close attention to arrival times. We have a short time in between each performance. If you will be late for any reason please let your instructor know prior to the performance date.  We use that time for costuming and last minute staging. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN USE THE BATHROOM PRIOR TO DROP OFF/PUTTING ON THEIR COSTUME. There is no need to arrive extra early as there are productions throughout the day.

Please note that all seating is general admission/seating.

***All performances ( May 4th) will be held at Homestead Elementary School 1830 E Branch Hollow Dr, Carrollton, TX 75007

May 4th

Hebron Valley Elementary 9:00 am (students need to arrive at 8:30 am)

Hicks Elementary 10:30 am (students need to arrive at 10:00 am)

Independence Elementary Noon (students need to arrive at 11:30 am)

Homestead Elementary 2:00 pm (students need to arrive at 1:30 pm)

Castle Hills Thursday 4:00 pm (students need to arrive at 3:30 pm)

Castle Hills Monday 5:30 pm (students need to arrive at 5:00 pm)

COSTUME INFORMATION    At Encore Kids we want to put the focus on our students acting accomplishments rather than on elaborate sets and costumes. This also keeps the cost of our program down and keeps parents from having to spend extra money on purchasing a costume. We do provide costumes for our students.  NOTE: We do allow students the option to wear/create their own costume if they choose (nothing too fancy) Please email us at with any questions!


Costumes are always provided for students.  We do however realize that kids are very creative and some really enjoy putting together their own look, so we do allow students the option to wear/create their own costume if they choose to. We have  a variety of accessories such as  hats, vests, etc. to choose from. Note we spray all of our costumes and especially our hats.  You are always welcome to provide your own head gear. (Note we do not provide shoes or wigs)

*If your child is opting to wear any type of make-up, please apply it at home as we have very little time to get ready before the performance. The same goes for special hair styling and/or wigs. Make-up is optional and never required.

***IMPORTANT: We will have a variety of costumes and accessories available for ALL students to wear. We try our best to give students a couple of options, HOWEVER; we may not always have a huge variety in sizes, colors, patterns etc. for students to choose from.  We realize that some children are particular about wearing costumes and/or accessories, so we will not require them to wear the things we provide. Because, we will never force someone to wear a costume there may be times when your child is dressed in the clothing they arrive in.

If you have any questions about costumes, hair or make-up, please email us at or speak with your child’s instructor.

If your child is wearing one of our costumes we ask that your child come dressed as indicated below: (Note: please no logos, brand names, sports team etc. on any clothing shirts/tops) Footwear – no flip-flops, light up-shoes or high heels.

Adventures in Wonderland –   ALICE    

Cat –  Dress in all black  (Note we have colorful ears, vests, tails/ same colors as Cat in Disney movie)

Caterpillar – Dress in all green or bright/light blue (no navy shirts) if you do not have green/blue bottoms you may wear black bottoms

White Rabbit – Dressed in all white. If you do not have white bottoms than wear white top and black bottoms. (Note we do have a variety of rabbit ears also a top hat/bunny ears)

Cards Men/Cards Women – Back or white bottoms and either a black, red or white plain top (no logos)

Flowers – Dress in the color of your flower (all pink, purple, red, white etc ) you may also wear green or brown leggings with a colorful top (You may also wear dresses or tops with a flower pattern, a colorful  tutu, skirt, tights, etc.)

Mad Hatter – Wear any bright colored plain top and any colored bottoms (NO RED OR NO JEANS) If you do not have bright colored top/bottoms then please wear black bottoms and a plain white top.

March Hare – Wear brown or black bottoms and any plain colored bright top (NO RED) If you do not have a plain bright colored top, please wear a white, black or brown shirt

Tweedles – Wear blue, brown or black bottoms and a plain white or yellow shirt

Alice – Wear white t-shirt or tank and white tights/shorts or leggings.

Mathilda – Wear any colored simple dress or skirt/top nothing too fancy (NO RED) (if you are playing another character, please come dressed as that character and bring a dress to slip over the top of that costume) NOTE: We do have simple apron &/or smock type dress that can easily be slipped on.

Dodo Bird – Wear all white, yellow, orange or combination of those colors. If you do not have  white, yellow or orange bottoms then please wear black bottoms

Door Knob – Wear all brown or black or a combination of the two colors

Queen and King of Hearts – Wear all red, black, white or combination of red, black, white

Characters of Wonderland – Wear combination of any bright colors (NO RED)



All Girls   ***Note – if  you wearing your own costume you may  wear any fancy dress (nothing too short) or princess type dress in any color.  If you are wearing one of our dresses then come dressed in plain white t/shirt, tank or cami and any color leggings, or shorts as our dresses are long) Note: Stepmother if you are wearing your own dress, please try and wear darker colors

Cinderella – Wear all black or brown or combination of dark colors (we have apron, rags, )Please do not wear anything too bulky as the Cinderlla dress needs to slip on easily over the top

All Boys – Black, navy or dark brown pants and a solid color button down shirt (No stipes, patterns etc.)

Mice – (Mice also play ball guests, come dressed all girls above) We have mice ears or you may provide you own.

Note: We have a variety of capes, crowns, accessories, cloaks etc.

Please email us at with any questions.


*MUSIC – click on music track to play right click to download/save:

Adventures in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland (Vocal ) Alice, I’m Late, Good Advice, Caucus Race, I’m Late Reprise #1, How Do You Do, Golden Afternoon, Zip-A-Dee, Un-Birthday, I’m Late Reprise #2, Painting Roses Red, Queen Painting Roses, Simon Says, Alice  Reprise (Instrumental Tracks ) Alice, I’m Late, Good Advice, Caucus Race, I’m Late Reprise #1, How Do You Do, Golden Afternoon, Zip-A-Dee, Un-Birthday, I’m Late Reprise #2, Painting Roses Red, Queen Painting Roses, Simon Says, Alice  Reprise


CINDERELLA  (Vocal & Instrumental) The Prince is Giving a Ball, In My Own Little Corner, The Work Song, Impossible, Ten Minutes Ago, Stepsisters Lament


QUESTIONS: Please email us at

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