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Frequently Asked Questions

On the first day of class, do we come to school to get our children to Encore Kids?
No. We send a roster of registered Encore Kids students to the school office. For the first-class session teachers help students get to the Encore Kids classroom. And at the end of each class the Encore Kids staff takes children back to the after school program or to the car pick-up line.

What happens in a typical class?
Students begin class by participating in vocal and physical warm ups. This re-energizes them after a long school day and lets them interact with classmates. In the first two weeks students also learn basic acting skills such as voice projection, characterization, and improvisation. Once parts are assigned, class time is spent rehearsing the play and learning songs and choreography. We also take short breaks and play acting games.

Are we required to purchase costumes for our children?
No. The Encore Kids philosophy is to keep productions simple and affordable and to focus on the kids and their acting. We give each child a list of basic clothing to wear for the performance, such as a dark top and pants. Then we provide simple costume pieces that can be slipped on over their clothing. Parents can purchase costumes if desired, as long they don’t detract from the costumes worn by others. In other words, nothing too fancy.

What is the best way for my child to learn his/her lines?
Practice makes perfect! Students should speak their lines loud and proud every evening. You can help by speaking the line just before theirs (called the cue line). Once your child knows their lines, continue to read the cue line and have your child recite their parts from memory.

My child got a very small part. Can I withdraw from the class and get a refund?
Not everyone will have the same size part. However, Encore Kids teaches children to do their very best no matter how large or small the role. And cast members also participate in the songs and choreography. Because we determine if a class is held based on a minimum enrollment number, we do not offer refunds. Please click on the ‘enrollment information’ tab for our full refund policy.

Why do some schools have different prices for the classes?
Prices are determined by a variety of factors such as the length of a session, production being offered, session materials etc. At most schools we offer a ten -twelve-week course. However, because of scheduling conflicts, some classes may be six, eight, or more weeks long.

Why do you charge an admission fee for the performance?
A nominal admission charge of $8 for adults and $5 for children helps pay for the building rental and script licenses. All performances are optional.

How can I get a replacement script?
Ask for a replacement from your child’s instructor. There is a $5 replacement charge for each script.